"There is a difference between talking emotions and feeling them"

Personal Therapy

Throughout my professional career, I’ve successfully helped hundreds of patients overcome numerous physical and mental challenges, such as stress management, anxiety, coping with uncertainty, life crises, depression, low self-esteem, mental health rehabilitation, accidents, injuries, trauma, controlled reduction of psychiatric medication alongside professional supervision, sleep and eating disorders, fertility difficulties, pregnancy and childbirth challenges, postpartum depression, parent counselling, occupational barriers, vocational and career issues, and more


Couples Therapy

I offer a different and refreshing approach to interpersonal communication. We examine the couple’s initial reasons for choosing each other, and the role they represent in each other’s lives. Over the years, this approach has profoundly changed. I have treated, saved numerous relationships and even built or expanded families.


Therapy and Counselling for C-level Executives

I offer C-level and business executives a safe and discreet space for personal introspection, identifying difficulties and releasing barriers. Combined with a customized practice plan, my sessions enable executives to better understand interpersonal workplace dynamics and communicative situations, such as employer-employee relationships, customer relationships, staff communication, interaction with board member, corporate crisis management, and more. The personal change that occurs in treatment has a profound impact on organisational culture, leadership, mental resilience and pleasure.