My Therapeutic Concept

"There is a difference between talking emotions and feeling them"

My added value

With 20 years of experience as a clinical therapist and researcher alongside vast professional training in numerous therapeutic tools, I bring with me the willingness to encounter, plunge-in and address any complex, powerful or difficult emotions that may arise during your therapy. Combined with my professional experience and personal fundamental values, this approach creates profound added value for my patients.


Quick diagnosis and personal treatment plan

My experience enables me to identify your challenges clearly and quickly during the first two sessions, and to build you a comprehensive, accurate, and practical personal plan for your meaningful treatment and healing. I will walk you through this process with patience and sensitivity, and help you embark a powerful journey and life change.


How it works

Your treatment will be gentle, loving, authentic, passionate and courageous, with the help of three leading tools: mind, body and soul. We will combine theory and research to understand the cause of your emotions, identify their physical existence and sensation in your body, and apply practical tools to create a profound change in your life.