How to start thanking a woman who changed my life

“Thank you” is such a small word and can’t express everything you did for me,

I started treatment a year ago wanting help with weight, depression, a serious illness and an overall sense of meaningless to my life.

All I knew at the time was sadness and as I was nearing my 30th birthday, I felt that I was without any degree, without a relationship and immersed in self-pity.

For the year before I met Flori, I rarely left my house and saw no friends.

Flori was my ray of light in the dark. She taught me to love myself, to strive for the highest and believe that I can achieve so much more in life. I received tools and guidance and a lot of love.

Today I back at school, studying for my degree. My weight has improved, I have stronger relationships and learned to live with the disease in my body.

The biggest challenge in life is to have the right direction.

Today, I am a healthy and happy person and strongly recommend Flori; the woman who changed my life. Thank you for who you are and how you helped me.


Before working with Flori, I was always feeling anxious, had body aches and suffered from not feeling as if I knew who I am.

During the treatment everything I thought about myself and life changed.

Today, there is almost no area in my life that has not improved, renewed and changed.

Flori helped me to think differently, to interact healthier with people, to behave better with my employees.

I feel better about myself, and am happy to say that I am free of anxiety, feel healthy and  very happy to be me!

Flori is a magician and she helped me change my life from end to end.


Flori is an attentive ear that knows how to embrace and listen, but her highlight is to step forward. The optimistic feeling that accompanies you after encounters with her is that makes you want to make a real change in your patterns and maybe even accept that you are just a human being. I strongly recommend to anyone who wants to improve his life in self-development and earn tools for change accompanied with a smile.



I first met Flori, you can say lost. I was standing infront of a very uneasy crossroad. I wasn't happy with anything. Not myself, not with my relationships, not from what seems to be my future. I was looking for someone that can give me tools.  That would be straight forward and direct. Already in the first meeting - I explained to Flori what I was looking for and what I needed, she read between the lines what I really needed but was afraid to say. Flori wasn’t afraid of me no matter how hard I tried. and "In return," she gave me tools to deal with everyday situations and more complex situations. She gave me a new look on life, a new attitude, things that in retrospect are simple but at the time seemed impossible for me. Flori helped me put things in the right perspective. Tools that helped me to access and deal with the situations.

The tools that Flori gave me accompany me to this day. I cannot describe how the therapy with Flori changed my life and even saved me from myself. The best thing I have done for myself was to meet her.


I will never forget our first meeting ..

It happened after I experienced in close a process that my best friend went through with you. It was a process which I have seen her radiate and shine like I’ve never seen her for many years. And immediately I decided that I would want too and moreover that I need help and direction & guidance in my life.

Then I met you. full of energy, knowledge and filled with will to help. I have been through this process of healing a few months now’ and already in this time you have managed to change my way of thinking about my life at large and about myself especially.

Thanks to you and with your help, I find myself in a new path that involves changes in my work, I finally am coping with a relationship without running away or hiding within myself and most importantly I found peace in my life, a feeling that I have never experienced before.

I am still in a process and it is clear to me that nowadays, with the tools and guidance I received from you, I am on the right track, ready to deal in a  better and healthier way in the journey of my life and enjoy the process.

The only thing I have left to do is to recommend to you too and to hope that you will also take the first step that will lead you to a better and fuller life.


Dear Flori, I wanted to express my deepest gratitude towards you for a very deep and moving sessions that I had with you. With you I have had an amazing experience Iwill never forget. You were like an angel that filled me with energy new every time we met. Even at times when I felt it was difficult to reach you and at the end I realized how good it was I didn’t give up on meeting you. I recognized within me things that alone I wouldn’t be able to recognize and thanks to you today many things have changed for the better.

I thank you so much for being there to help me and lead me to a lighter path

Love, Karin.

When I came to Flori I was in a stagnant state where sadness was the constant and only status-quo I ever knew. After years of psychodynamic therapy of endless containment (by a therapist I loved dearly, by the way) it took me a while to get used to Flori's overflowing energy and positivity, and to her therapeutic approach that is containing, but also pushes me forward and out of the emotional traps I'm prone to. After about a year and a half of therapy, during which I initiated major transformations in my life with her support, I've reached a point I wasn't even sure was possible where I can say whole-heartedly that I'm happy and truly love my life. I've since been in treatment with her for another year of continuous growth, always rising to higher grounds of fulfilment and self-realization, with a professed goal to go as far as possible.


We met Flori, a couple with 2 little kids a step before getting divorced. Within a few months with her help and therapy we learned how to communicate better with each other. We learned how to express our frustrations without hurting each other's feelings. Most importantly, we got back our confidence in love!

Today, 3 years after the end of the process, we hold our 4th baby!

Flori changed our lives, our love and our happiness!

We strongly recommend her therapy!


Just a year ago it seems like I was at a total lost.

I lost hope, I was almost 40, without love, without partnership, I was debating whether to bring a child into the world on my own, a tough decision. I felt a great sadness of shattered dreams.

I heard about you completely by chance and already at our first meeting I knew I had come to the right place. The meetings with you equipped me with very meaningful material for thought and charged me with positive and optimistic energy. Indeed, not long after the results came and within six months, I was already standing at the alter (“the Jupa”). At last, everything seems to fit into the right place like I always wanted. And today I am already a mother to a wonderful child!

You are a rare therapist. Smart and sharp, your insights and wisdom are so meaningful and full of energy, warmth and empathy.

Without a doubt, the process I went through with you was the greatest gift I gave myself and I don't know how to thank you for this meaningful change that happened in my life because of you.


I first came to Flori after a recommendation from a relative. I came to her after years of long and hard fertility treatments that were hard physically and emotionally (for an unknown reason). And from the will to empty out what was kept within my heart.

I discovered a woman that could really listen, who helped me reconnect to my inner world.

We had a face to face open dialogues, and through the hypnosis and mantras and the deep emotional work, I reached deep understandings about my fears and anxieties that were within me, hidden deep within my subconscious for a long time.

Thanks to her, I realized how to let go of them, be free of them and actually allow my body to be receptive to pregnancy.

Today I am a mother for twins (boy and a girl) two years old and the happiest person in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Thank you Flori!!!!

Dear Flori,


If I could ask for something, I`d only wish we would have met much earlier.  

Over our sessions, you've helped me to better understand who I thought I was, what was blocking me, helped me imagine and discover the man I wanted to be and helped me to push myself back into life`s arena.


I still remember my thoughts before our first meeting, and more firmly I remember my thoughts after our last meeting. It has been quite a journey together, and I`m happy to say I've continued walking and exploring the rest of this never-ending trail. The tools and self-confidence I've gained during our sessions accompany me with each footstep.


Thank you so much for being a listener, a guiding light, a mentor, a motivator and a shoulder to lean onto, but more than everything – thank you for being the optimistic warm positive person that you are.


Warm regards,


I reached Flori through a warm recommendation from a friend. I arrived at a time of  a work crisis with a lot of anger and frustration that I wasn’t aware of their depth.

I've always thought that the process of psychological treatment takes years and it's very hard to quantify their effect.

But for me with Flori that wasn’t the case. When you surrender to the process Flori knows with her sensitivity and wisdom to reach to the root of the problem and the solution. The effect of the process was quick and significant in both personal life as well in my professional life - in every possible way.

Everyone I referred to Flori went through a very similar process.


Founder of Hi-tech Leading Company


My name is Haim Bartov, a Lawyer, Lecturer and Entrepreneur in Real Estate, I am 37 years old.

I would like to take the opportunity to warmly recommend Flori that has been accompanying me for a while. I came to Flori following a personal crisis in my life, and I was standing in front of a big decision.

I immediately recognized that Flori is a different type of therapist. A powerful woman, full of knowledge and wisdom, she contains every feeling or situation I bring to the room, authentic’ warm hearted, with a strong desire to help me, especially in a very practical way. We did and still do work together. Going through deep processes within me, a deep work that has been empowering me, strengthening me and allowing me to cross through the biggest challenges in my life.

Flori is a great gift for me and I am happy to have her as a mentor also for business (Yes, also in this aspect there is great abundance that is growing).

Her ability to read my emotional state to recognize me, see me, to remember each detail and to guide me from a very accurate place in complicated crossroads, allowed me and still allowing me to live my life differently today.

And so, if you are thinking there is a deep need and desire within you to change, just allow yourself to have her and go through the journey with her. It will be the biggest gift you ever gave yourself.

Kind regards, Haim