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Flori Stronguin(M.A) is a licensed Clinical Psychologist, a Neuroscience researcher and a multidisciplinary therapist for individuals, couples, C-level executives and entrepreneurs. Throughout the past two decades of her professional career, she has gained extensive theoretical and practical knowledge in a broad spectrum of therapeutic approaches, aimed at understanding the relations between the human mind, body and soul. This includes extensive academic education, brain-clinical research, numerous holistic training seminars in Israel and abroad, along with vast experience in personalised clinical therapy, offered in Hebrew, English and Spanish.

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When I came to Flori I was in a stagnant state where sadness was the constant and only status-quo I ever knew. After years of psychodynamic therapy of endless containment (by a therapist I loved dearly, by the way) it took me a while to get used to Flori's overflowing energy and positivity, and to her therapeutic approach that is containing, but also pushes me forward and out of the emotional traps I'm prone to. After about a year and a half of therapy, during which I initiated 

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How to start thanking a woman who changed my life.

Thank you for being such a small word and not containing everything you did for me.

I came under treatment a year ago underweight, depressed, with a serious illness and no sense of meaning

All I knew at the time was sadness, I felt that 30 was approaching and I was without school, without parity and immersed in self-pity,

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We met Flori, a couple with 2 little kids a step before getting divorced. Within a few months with her help and therapy we learned how to communicate better one with another. We learned how to express our frustrations without hurting each other's fillings. And most of all got back our confidence in love!

Today, 3 years after the end of the progress, we hold our 4th baby!


Treatment of stress, anxiety and uncertainty

Life crises, depression.    low self-esteem

Care and consulting for senior executives and technology entrepreneurs

The connection between my therapeutic work, the theoretical and research education I acquired and my life experience have taught me that our lives are a personal journey, and the way we deal with the challenges of the journey is largely related to our unique inner world. High awareness along with an experiential connection to emotion allows us to identify the root of the problem, while practical tools help us to release emotional barriers, beliefs and behavior patterns. In my treatment process, I combine all of these to create in my patients awareness of the connections between the mind, body and mind, and allow them to lead a proactive, deep and ongoing process of change in their lives.

If you decide it is time to get to know yourself in depth, release barriers, bring back the reins to you and lead a significant change in your life, all you need to do is pick up a phone, make an appointment with me, and set off